Calculating Costs for Plastic Injection Molds: Domestic vs. Outsourced


In case you’re a procurement manager, you bear the duty to compare estimates from different mold creators with each project. And with the help of a plastic injection molding cost calculator, your responsibility is simplified as you assess the cost-effectiveness of various options. Typically, costs for different mold makers may differ substantially based on the inputs, including drawings, prototypes, and model parts. Here are some considerations that can impact on plastic injection mold cost estimates:

Core Metal

It helps to look at the core metal. For shorter production run application, particular mold makers rely on aluminum molds. When not acquiring the mold for lasting application, aluminum would do just fine. However, aluminum may be more expensive in the long run if a mold that maintains effectiveness and function for a couple of years is required for your project. Watch this video at and know more about injection molding.


When you look at plastic injection molding company, it goes without saying that a mold with fewer cavities needs less tool work and time, resulting in lower costs. An experienced mold creator is able to optimize cavitations in a mold to yield high levels of productivity. The broad recommendation among the majority of molders is that it’s more efficient to produce a single mold for each component than to make a family mold. With family molds, several cavities are needed for the creation of assorted parts. Family molds have a tendency to give low-quality products, and because of maintenance needs, their downtime is longer.

Take the Mold Base into Account

The mold base is casing, sort of, that holds together each input, cavity, and component in a mold. To estimate the cost of the base, consider the size of the mold, type of steel utilized, and the level of needed customization. A mold base may initially have a standard size, but you may machine it further to achieve custom requirements for your project. Learn about plastic injection molding cost calculator here!

Machining Requirements for Core and Cavity

You’ll use a mold machined to address your exact application. Your customization options for the system are numerous, for example ejectors and cores placements. Also, the type of steel used in the apparatus will affect costs. For example, a mold that uses hardened steel is more durable, but costs more to customize.

Consider Component Complexity

The number of cavities in a mold impact on its costs, and so does part complexity. Therefore, the surface finish on the final output as well as the needed undercuts shall affect total costs too. The intricacy of a mold, and consequently costs, are also impacted by the need for tight tolerances in components.

As such, take into account the above variables if you’re looking into the parameters contributing to custom plastic molding costs.


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